More Examples of my Work:

RAIN Teaser 16-04-2014 from Georgia Court on Vimeo.

ALISON is a feature documentary due for release early 2016. This is the story of Alison Botha who survived the most horrific attack to stand up today in front of people around the world and inspire them to overcome the dark moments in their lives. Raped, stabbed 37 times, throat slashed 17 times, and left for dead. A true story, truly inspiring.

African Fusion - A rock odyssey
Released in 2014
Alex Honnold (USA) and Hazel Findlay (UK) head to Southern Africa for an experience of a lifetime.

Africa Fusion takes us from the breathtaking orange granite and vast landscapes of Namibia, through the desert and across to lush red sandstone of Waterval Boven in South Africa. Carrying on the journey in South Africa we follow Alex and Hazel North to the wild and remote Blouberg (Blue Mountain) range.

From the North we then journey far South to Cape Town, where Alex and Hazel explore a city crowned in mountains, from rock face to rock face. Their odyssey reveals surprising treasures and world-class climbing – while experiencing the joy of the journey along the way. Join them as they uncover these hidden gems in unforgettable settings.

Rain In A Dead Man’s Footprints (working title) is the true tale of Alfred Hinkel and John Linden, two men who have lived beyond the obstacles of the human condition and exist as creators of an utterly unique and exquisite history where the spirit dances despite the greatest odds.
Visionaries of the Jazzart Dance Company, survivors of Apartheid South Africa, lovers across the cultural and gender divide, they have revolutionized dance across the world and have developed an expression of movement founded on a concept of dance not limited by formality, but rather on the intrinsic center that lies in each unique individual who takes the leap to the stage.