Georgia Court, camerawoman and cinematographer. All aspects of her life pivot on creativity. Besides her hobbies of renovating houses, kite surfing, and rock climbing, Georgia’s key passion has always been camera work and lighting. But this doesn’t stop her producing, directing or editing when the job demands.

For over 20 years Georgia has traveled around the World to more than 50 countries filming everything from documentaries to feature films and television series. She loves the balance she finds across genres and the physical and mental extremes each aspect pushes her to. From shooting in small remote villages with only natural light and small low budget cameras with a crew of one, maybe two, to big sets with teams of people, the latest cameras and suns that never set.

Georgia Court is continually exploring ways to bring stories into the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, always striving for the highest quality and the most creative ways to allow the truth of the story to tell itself. Her permanent smile might throw you off. Georgia is focused, intent and with a work ethic second to none. She’s just really enjoying herself.

My ‘job’ isn’t ‘work’ it’s part of who I am.

In documentaries I love finding the moment, putting myself in the right place at the right time to capture the truth of a story as it reveals itself. Whether it’s a quiet moment when the subject forgets I’m there and their truth flickers across their face or young children who, without inhibitions, come straight up to the lens with eyes full of trust and innocence.
I love the contrast TV shows and feature films bring. Teams of people working together towards the same goal. Being a part of a team always striving to do better just because we can, holding each other up. It’s just so much fun.